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"Atmospheric and contemplative, the game explores the experience of being stranded in your house, cut off from the outside world by the encroaching storm, with only your potted plant for company. Your objective is to keep this plant alive."

– Chiara Harrison Lambe, Kill Screen

"Its players' objective is to keep an indoor plant alive (and in so doing, to survive the tedium of being trapped themselves). If you water the plant with tainted tap water, it will die. Each day you must water it; you can also listen to the radio and look out the window. Each game lasts a week, though players have the ability to fast forward time, or linger on an experience, as they experience the feeling of waiting for water to recede, and for life to resume."

– Bruce Lampros, Art Papers, May/June 2016

Created as part of Indie Grits 2016's Waterlines project.


Michelle Skipper: Lead Designer
James Owens: Writer
Danny Oakes: Environment Artist
Chris Johnson: Composer
Cecil Decker: Sound Designer

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Published73 days ago
PlatformsWindows, Mac OS X
Tagsartgame, depression, historic-flood, plant-sim, south-carolina, waterlines
Player countSingleplayer

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This is the first version of the game, and the first game project several of us worked on. If you find any issues, please email cecildecker@gmail.com

NOTE: several people have reported issues with the itch download link. Trying to resolve this! For now, if it does not work there is a direct link in the comments.




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hi i lik gamez an stuf

too bad its impoossible to keep the plant alive until the storm is over

great atmophere

lag tho good gaME

downloading it :D cant wait to play (im playing this blind which means that I have never seen the game!)

Killed my plant, Jerry. No regrets. This game has some great atmosphere and an pretty great story line too. The voice acting was perfect and the effects were even more brilliant. Thank you for making this game :D

thank you! The radio clips are actually all taken directly from South Carolina public radio news stories right before and during last year's historic flooding

Wow! You definitely captured the atmosphere with that, for sure. The change in the plant really indicated how the environment was changing, along with the character and their grip on happiness.

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It's a great experience - immersive, atmospheric and contemplative. However, no matter what I do, I can't get the plant to surive past the final day of the storm. Any tips? Also, why does the house seem to have British electrical wall sockets!?!

Aw man, you caught us with the sockets. We didn't notice that until release. Version 2 fix haha

So, you're going to have difficulty keeping that darn plant alive ... it might not even be possible ...

As a response to the October 2015 historic flooding in South Carolina, this game explores the loss of agency via a medium usually defined through player agency. When I was sitting in my apartment, watching my neighbors houses underwater on the news, I wanted to run out and help everyone. But I was stuck ... no matter how much I wanted to get to where people were hurting, all the roads around me were sunk.

I was wondering if that might be the case, but I was determined to keep Albert alive!

I done a write up of Water Me over at Gaming Respawn: http://gamingrespawn.com/indie-game-spotlight/15287/indie-freebies-blameless-others/


I cant get the download like to work? Halp!!!

Oh no! can you describe the issue more?

I can't get it to work either. When I click on the download button it opens the thank you for downloading message, but for some reason it doesn't start the download. I tried reloading the page and clicking on the button several times, but it just won't download.


Strange! You can try one of these direct links:

https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/18560757/Water... (OS X)

https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/18560757/Water... (Win)

Let me know if neither of these works.

These work just fine, thanks for the help! :)

I was having the same problem but the links worked. Thank you!!

strange! I wonder if it has anything to do with a pop-up blocker?

I like how it feels like im inside and comfy in this game my plant died pretty quickly because i did not water it.