A downloadable work for Windows and macOS

"Atmospheric and contemplative, the game explores the experience of being stranded in your house, cut off from the outside world by the encroaching storm, with only your potted plant for company. Your objective is to keep this plant alive."

– Chiara Harrison Lambe, Kill Screen

"Its players' objective is to keep an indoor plant alive (and in so doing, to survive the tedium of being trapped themselves). If you water the plant with tainted tap water, it will die. Each day you must water it; you can also listen to the radio and look out the window. Each game lasts a week, though players have the ability to fast forward time, or linger on an experience, as they experience the feeling of waiting for water to recede, and for life to resume."

– Bruce Lampros, Art Papers, May/June 2016

Created as part of Indie Grits 2016's Waterlines project.

"when the flood hit, much of the city was inaccessible.

Dams burst, bridges failed and roads were impassible under pools of water. Pipes burst, tainting the drinking water supply. There was not much to do but wait for conditions to improve and resources to return to capacity."

–Seth Gadsden
Waterlines curator, Indie Grits co-director


Michelle Skipper: Lead Designer
James Owens: Writer
Danny Oakes: Environment Artist
Chris Johnson: Composer
Cecil Decker: Sound Designer

Install instructions

This is the first version of the game, and the first game project several of us worked on. If you find any issues, please email cecildecker@gmail.com

NOTE: Chrome often blocks the popup when you click the link. To download the game, click the "popup blocked" icon that will appear next to the bookmark tab icon after clicking download. (credit to @Gerppuli for helping figure this out)




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Hi! This game is a cool little game with some unique concept and I made a video on youtube in INDONESIAN! Check it out! TERIMA KASIH!

Simple game, but loved the execution of the concept. I added it to my list (at number 6) for some of the games I played recently. That's not a rank, just the order I edited them in. Good luck with any future projects. I always love games with a message!


Is there a way to keep the plant alive?



thank you

Interesting experince. I wish it lasted longer thou...

I can't download it to play :(


me too

download it through the itch.io app on your computer

are you from windows?

it was a nic gamer i injoyed

whats hapening to the water?

No way watering a plant should be this process-intensive.

Made a video of your game! It's actually awesome! Check my review if you want!

I can't download ;-;

download it through the itch.io app on your computer

I can't download help

download it through the itch.io app on your computer

Did a review of this on my channel. Check it out if you want :)

cool voice


Thank you!

played the game but am i missing anything???????

No point to it. The plant can't stay alive longer than 5 days. Am I doing something wrong or is this just ohw long the game is?

Each game lasts a week. Which means a playthrough is fairly short. It's a very specific experience, responding to a big event in our team's lives. We are thankful you played even if it did not resonate with you


It wont download :(

Nevermind, I had popups disabled

glad it worked! a lot of people had this problem. we apologize.

Thats okay! I enjoyed the game aswell, broke my heart a little bit too. :'(

wait I'm on Mac and the popup is still showing up its just not downloading... Help?

Water Me is an interesting game and that I think has a lot of potential.

The main premise of the game is that you're stuck inside during a massive rainstorm/flood and you have to keep a plant alive. Spoiler alert: I think no matter what you do, the plant is destined to die, which I think is the point of the game.

One cool thing is that the more you engage with the plant in terms of talking to it and feeding it, the more it grows.

Inevitably though, the plant dies at the end, speaking to the futility of life and how no matter what we do, sometimes we cannot change everything in our life, which is a cool concept to explore in a video game.

There isn't much depth to the game and you can literally finish it in less than 5 minutes, but it's still an enjoyable experience nonetheless and it runs really well with little to no bugs.

I made a Let's Play of Water Me so I hope you check it out and let me know what you think. Enjoy!


I probably missed the point of the game, but it entertained me for a bit. Good game, wish I could have saved my poor plant Ernest :(

So I need to ask.... Is everyone just missing something, and it IS possible to keep the plant alive? Or is this a message about the futility of life?

it's a really specific experience. The game was created for an art show responding to a historic flood that decimated our city in 2015. we are thankful you played it, even if it didn't resonate completely.


I see. I'm a little sad I couldn't get through the game. If it makes you feel better, I did play through multiple times in effort to make the plany survive. I'm sorry to hear this was based off a real life event, I hope your city is recovering well.


I played a little bit of this on my channel, is there anything here im missing?

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I can't get the "water_me_ver1_win.zip" version to download. Did the button break?


some users have had issues with pop up blockers preventing the downloads.

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No other games on this site have refused to download, and I don't get any notification saying something was blocked. :(

Just in case, though, I turned off my adblock and tried again, but it still won't download. :/


So for some reason, Dropbox wouldn't even let me sign in, let alone open the download. :/

I did, however, discover the itch.io app, and was able to successfully install and play. Thank you for trying to help, though. It's a very nice game.

Interesting game. It's cool you incorperated real life events and people.

Very cool game! https://youtu.be/GcbMq7zW5Ek


I cried.


I LET HIM DIE! It's sad I can't even care for a plant really.. BUT GREAT GAME!

Channel link:


You're game look really cool and nice :) !

Really interesting game! The rain I think was a little too loud but overall super cool game with tons of atmosphere!:D Had a few good laughs as well

P.s. I named my plant harry and he died swiftly


Oh gosh, this game was so well done. It's amazing how effective it is at showing someone with an outside perspective what it must have been like during those floods. Stunning work, absolutely stunning.

I did a wee playthrough, and also popped links to the Waterlines page and this game in the description too, I think more people need to play this for themselves!

we're really glad you liked it. it was creatively satisfying to morph our experiences into this game. everyone on the team had first hand experience with the flood or the cleanup afterwards. thanks for your video :)

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I can't download it

edit: Safari didn't work for me but I used Firefox and it worked

Download the Itch.io app and your browser problems are solved :)

we have gotten reports of popup blockers preventing the download of the .zip file D: glad Firefox worked!

like @Afro mentioned the itch.io desktop app is pretty amazing.



I am a terrible plant parent :(


omg you are cute. totally gonna be a big youtube star hahaha

Thanks! Idk about star, I just hope people enjoy the videos :D

I can't make my plant live!

Also, I never noticed a time when the plant name came in (In the game at least)


The game makes so much more sense now that I've read about it on the Waterlines website! I didn't know what it was connected to when I was recording it. A bunch of Bobs died instead. :(

long live bob! we are glad you perused the Waterlines page :D we hope the featured status on itch.io helps to bring more attention to the larger project.


Good Game


this i fake'


fake? can you explain how?

as noted in the description, it's part of a larger art project called Waterlines that responds to the historic 1000 year flood that happened in South Carolina in October 2015. here's the link if you'd like some more context! http://waterlines.indiegrits.com


who r u, i dont freaking know u


I helped make this game? it's on my itch page?


And an excellent game it is <3

Don't feed the trolls ;w;

It's not downloading for me darn :(

A user below reported that sometimes Chrome blocks the download popup.


I want to play this game but it won't let me download it for some reason :< Looks really interesting though!

A user below reported that sometimes Chrome blocks the download popup.


Ill try it on another browser. Thank you!

Do you think you could make a easy, medium and hard mode?

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